Postponement Deadline - Free Course + Internship "Network Systems Engineer with Cyber ​​Security skills"

Are you interested in the world of networks and digital security?
Take part in our training course!

350 hours of lessons + 4 months of paid internship

Completely designed for subjects unemployed / unemployed.

But don't think about it too much!
The deadline for registration is Sunday 31 October 2021

Route description

The NETWORK SYSTEMIST WITH SKILLS IN CYBER SECURITY is the IT security expert who deals with tasks strictly related to security in order to protect the IT systems in the company: its main purpose is to protect the company's sensitive information such as customer data and internal know-how. He has in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about the latest technological innovations and the personal ability to work in a team. Has IT skills in relation to the management of servers and networks, electronic skills about the physical functioning of switches, router, firewall and cybersecurity skills.



IT Training lasting no. 350 hours (of which n. 70 ore in F.a.d.) and apprenticeship lasting for 480 hours (4 months).

The training course it will presumably begin by 10 December 2021 and it will be entirely free

To the students a monthly allowance relating to the internship phase equal to € 600,00 gross in structures located in the regional territory.

The attendance is mandatory and each student to access the internship must have attended at least the 75% hours of theoretical training, and to be admitted to the final exam he must have attended at least the 75% both the hours of theoretical training and those of the internship.


The theoretical activity is structured as follows:

Host segment

Exercise of a work activity in an employee or autonomous form

The professional activity of Network Systems Engineer with Cyber ​​Security skills

Workplace safety

Fundamentals of networks


Storage management

Network management

Permission management

Fundamentals of cyber security

Security measures

Regulations regarding the protection of personal data


The evaluation of the quality of one's work

Group / position / role / organizational climate



Location of the event

In case the epidemiological situation allows it, the theoretical training will take place at the headquarters of Levita Srl, Via Alessandro Monteneri 43, 06129, Perugia.



The course is reserved a n. 15 students of both sexes that have the following requirements:

– Having accomplished 18 years or, anyway, acquitted of the right / duty to education and training

– Being unemployed or unemployed pursuant to Legislative Decree n.150 / 2015 art.19, comma 1 e s.m.i., on unemployment;

– Be registered with one of the Employment Centers of the Umbria Region.

For non-EU citizens / e: documentation proving compliance with current regulations on residence in Italy.


Application for registration

The application accompanied by an identity document can be delivered by hand, by registered letter with return receipt, by means of Pec at the address


Download the question

Registration deadline: Sunday 31 October 2021



Selection of candidates

Admission to the training course will be subject to passing a written test and an interview

To date, the time and manner of conducting the tests will be communicated at least 15 days first to the interested parties on the site and

such publication has the value of notification to all effects, without further disclosure obligation

For more information see complete notice