Backup Immutable V.M. & Office 365

Protect yourself from ransomware thanks to physical backups natives immutable and tested!

Be in charge of manage a large number data it is a huge task. With virus and hacker lurking in every corner of the web and beyond, the safety of data is essential for the privacy of your customers and the success of your business.

As the name implies, immutable backups are information which they cannot be neither deleted nor modified.
This type of data cannot be stored in databases “standard”: must be entered in special databases that they do not overwrite the new information on the old but which maintain a history of all the data.

Levita, based in Perugia, provides services Veeam, implementing backup solutions using exclusively server farm site in Italia.

Have you ever heard of the rule 3-2-1-1-0?
Keep reading, we will explain to you what it consists of!

Backup Immutable V.M. & Office 365 immutable backups immutables backup as service immutability
Backup Veeam Levita Cloud Backup Provider a Perugia Umbria

Unlimited traffic

A feature that distinguishes us from the competition? The fact of providing unlimited traffic, both incoming and outgoing and for objects. No charge for unloading (egress fee) and for API requests

Immutable Backups + Object Storage S3

Thanks to Object Lock technology, you will get the immutable tier for your data and your S3 bucket storage

Backup on V.M.

Backup and replication of virtual machines covered by WORM protection - ``write once, read many``, as once saved, the data can be read an infinite number of times but not rewritten, under any circumstances.

Backups in Office 365

You must adopt a comprehensive data protection strategy for Microsoft 365 to defend them against ransomware attacks, malicious users, damage etc

Immutable Backups a 25,00 € /month per TB

With unlimited traffic, both incoming and outgoing and for objects

Know the new rule 3-2-1-1-0?

levita backup immutabile regola 3-2-1-1-0

The rule of 3-2-1-1-0 is the recent development of the better known rule of 3-2-1
This is a real best practice for companies that want to maintain very high service levels and protect themselves from data loss at the same time.

3: Keep at least three copies of your data
2: Save backups on two different media
1: Keep at least one backup copy offsite
1: Save at least one offline copy
0: Make sure your backups are error free

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