Blockchain Certification for WordPress sites

Demonstrating the authenticity and integrity of your content on the web is critical; This is possible and affordable for everyone thanks to Blockchain technology. Using our solution you can in fact prove ownership of your content made on WordPress sites by registering them on any EOSIO blockchain.

This system saves on the Blockchain in an unchangeable and publicly available manner the ownership of the pages, the date of first publication and any subsequent change.
This allows not only the public attribution of content to their rightful author, but also complete and absolute transparency with respect to the users of the site. These two results, made possible by the meeting between WordPress and the Blockchain, increase the reliability and authority of your content, two parameters that in the future will be more and more fundamental for any website. Do you want to be among the first ones to certify on the Blockchain the contents of your website?

We will take care ouserves of the installation and setup on your WordPress site, without any concern on your part


– € 300.00 / lump sum
– Including installation and configuration

It certifies the authenticity and integrity of your site

Unchanging and publicly searchable evidence

You'll be able to prove ownership of your content

Attributing content to its rightful author

Blockchain Certification for WordPress sites


Complete and absolute transparency towards site users


You will be among the first ones to certify the contents of your site through the Blockchain

Comprehensive support

Through helpdesk or onsite, always ensuring proximity to the customer

Corporate credibility

Increase the reliability and credibility of your own content

Quality Technical Team

The entire business will be operated by our highly qualified and certified personnel

We'll take care of everything

We'll take care of every requirement: zero surprises or accidents


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