Video Mapping

The Video Mapping is a multimedia technology that can project light or videos of real surfaces, in order to achieve an artistic effect of great impact. Levita, with its headquarters in Perugia (Umbria) It was one of the first companies to believe in everything, feeling the video mapping a new frontier in the use of lighting.
Find out why it is considered the best solution for creating scenes, even complex, without the need to have physical structures.

Maximum power and effect with a highly sustainable spending

Great flexibility: It applies well in any type of event

extremely practical and versatile system, as well as easily customizable

You do not pass unnoticed: You will attract attention and curiosity about your brand.

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Video Mapping

The perfect combination between art and technological innovation

ensured Result

It' an entertainment practice with a great potential for your event

Technical perfect for experiential marketing

You can affect the best possible experience of the consumer / user

Attention to the details

Achievements treated in every respect, nothing will be left to chance

The ideal solution for all sectors

This technique can be used on many occasions and for various sectors

not at all invasive technique for the host structure

This is not a harmful technology to buildings and historical monuments: nothing will be altered

The'll dazzle your competitors

We will make something special: You do not go unnoticed

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