Cloud Backup a € 0,12/GB al mese

You're certain that your data is really safe?

Would you like to have all the efficiency and safety of physical backups without all the costs and complexities of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure?

Levita, based in Perugia, provides the services Veeam for the Backup and the Disaster Recovery.

We are a Veeam Cloud Service Provider, global leader in backup solutions, and for this reason we can implement backup solutions both internal and cloud, using our proprietary server farm located in Umbria.


You know what an immutable backup is?
Upon request we are able to provide immutable backups, that is files are backed up which cannot be edited or deleted: a salvation against the ransomware!

cloud backup levita
Backup Veeam Levita Cloud Backup Provider a Perugia Umbria

Backup offsite in hosting

Get the physical and virtual backups offsite in a repository in the cloud hosting via a secure SSL connection, without buying any additional Veeam license. Safety and convenience in the first place.

Full control and visibility

Sign in and retrieves data in the backup hosting repositories directly from the backup console; you will also be able to track the use of cloud repositories.

Modern architecture

Take advantage of the modern backup technology Veeam, featuring Backup Copy Job (backup replication) with integrated WAN acceleration, backup forever incremental, parallel processing for VMs and virtual disks.

End-to-end Cryptography

Absolute peace of mind with all encrypted data at source (before they leave the network perimeter), in transit and at destination, without any negative impact on data reduction percentages.

Cloud Backup da € 0,12/GB al mese

Veeam Cloud Backup e DRaaS

Cloud Backup

  • A partire da € 0,12/GB al mese
  • 1° free month
  • Storage personalizzabile
  • SSL connection
  • End-to-end Cryptography
  • Backup off-site in hosting
  • VM from € 6,00 / month
  • Full control and visibility

Do you know the rule 3-2-1 of cloud backups? We'll explain it to you!

According to the rule 3-2-1, it is necessary to maintain three copies of data on two different backup storage, with a copy maintained off-site. The execution of off-site backup can be difficult due to the limited bandwidth, the growing volumes of data and the lack of resources necessary to create or maintain an effective off-site backup repository. With our service you can apply the rule 3-2-1 without investing time and resources in a secondary site, and without increasing the bandwidth. By relying on us, you can use backup repositories, as well as the built-in WAN acceleration technology Veeam ™ and more.

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