Cloud E-learning

Our e-learning platform is the multimedia and interactive environment that Levita provides for the management and enjoyment of courses in distance learning mode allowing the student to find the educational content without any physical or temporal obstacles allowing self-management of one's own training process.

We can offer you a solution that allows you to provide training at a higher level, that allows you to reach your audience wherever they are and systematically manage resources, integrating Cloud performance and technology.


This technological and methodological solution provides:

The tools for organizing, storing and re-using course content

Features for interaction between learners and support figures in synchronous and asynchronous mode

Services dedicated to tracking user operations with transcription of usage time reports

Compatibility with international standards of e-learning: everything will be simple and functional

E-learning platform in Cloud Distance learning (FAD)

Cloud E-learning

Distance learning, where you want, whenever you want


Our e-learning platform allows you to make significant savings by eliminating the costs of moving and managing classrooms, thereby reducing the departures from the workplace and implementing economies of scale by providing training to all staff.


We offer you the ability to track training progress, produce reports and evaluate individual skills, enabling the estimation of the effectiveness of the environment and the return on investment.

Continuing Education

Make it easier to manage your business staff continuing education over time.


The high flexibility is guaranteed to the student by the availability of the educational content without any physical or temporal obstacles, allowing self-management of their training process and thus providing the company with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Our platform has different tools for collaboration and interaction for all those involved in the training process: the so-called Community tools provide incredible advantages.


You'll have all the best of a winning technology starting at € 100,00 / month

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