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Backup Immutable V.M. & Office 365

Protect yourself from ransomware and more with immutable backups!
icona Backup Immutabili V.M. & Office 365

Backup Immutable V.M. & Office 365

Do you know the rule 3-2-1-1-0?


Discover the Levita Cloud Services
Icona Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Learn how to combine the safety
of physical backup with the simplicity of the
Cloud. With Veeam Cloud Connect
you can have all of this at a
affordable price.

Icona Cloud File Storage

Cloud File Storage

Do you know all the benefits of our storage yet?
Your storage will be totally
customizable, as well as the backup
activities. All using only
our server farm located in Umbria.

Icona VPS


Our virtual machines stand out
for flexibility, simplicity and adaptability
to the customer needs. Activation is
simple and immediate within
our infrastructure.

Icona Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Choose our Disaster Recovery
Service: natural disasters and
malicious actions will no longer
scare your business. Restoring systems,
data and infrastructure is our priority.

Icona Cloud E-learning

Cloud E-learning

Our e-learning platform
is an innovative environment that
allows fast and personalized
distance education. Always
accessible thanks to improved cloud technology.


Hardware informatico e tanto altro!
logo shop hardware italia it

Shop Mining Farm Italia

Lo shop per i tuoi acquisti nel mondo dell’informatica, del gaming, del mining e tanto ancora!


For all your media needs
Icona Server Gaming

Gaming Servers

Game-specific high performance servers for your gaming platforms


Enhance your reality with the right tools!
proximity marketing umbria perugia enti pubblici turismo

Proximity Marketing

Whether you are a tourist board, a cultural or a little private company matter: It is the solution for you!

video mapping umbria perugia enti pubblici turismo

Video Mapping

Choose not to go unnoticed, attracts attention and curiosity in an innovative and effective way!

droni umbria perugia enti pubblici turismo


We specialize in the sale of drones and the delivery of services using this technology.

Hosting and Mail

Customized solutions
Icona Hosting Web

Hosting Web

Choose our hosting services for
your website, e-commerce or blog.
You'll be amazed by the speed and
security that we provide, with unparalled
technical support always at your hand.

Icona Domini


We are specialized in registering,
maintening and renewing your
domains. Even the configuration of your
DNS will no longer be your concern.
Our technicians are waiting for you!

Icona Posta Elettronica


An efficient and secure email service makes the difference from the corporate communication point of view.

Trust our Zimbra platform, you'll find convenience and reliability.

Icona Certificati SSL

SSL Certificates

The SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) are
a basic element for website security.
Google rewards safe sites!
Don't get penalized on search engines.
We have available all types of SSL!


Develop Your Business
Icona Sviluppo Siti Web

Web Site Development

We design and create your website
and e-commerce, with special care
to the details. We will also optimize it
from the point of view of search engine indexing
online: nothing will be left to chance..

Icona SEO e SEM


Do you want your business to be easily
discoverable within search engines?
Would you like to advertise your business?
We will ensure that your business
reaches the most of the objectives set!

Icona Web Marketing

Web marketing

Would you like to bring your idea to the world
of the Web? Would you like to attract
visitors interested in your products
or services? Choose to grow within
of the web. We know how to do!

Icona Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Being present on social networks can
make the difference! But only
if you are operating in the right way.
Grow the visibility of your
brand and gain traffic to your site.

Icona Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Do you want to know what tactics, tools
and actions you should take to
achieve your business goals?
Contact us and we will find the best
digital strategy for your business!

Icona Sviluppo App

Development APP

You want to make an application but
you don't know where to start? Do you
need advice for
designing an app tailored to
your business? We'll do it right for you!

Data Center

Technology in the green heart of Italy
Icona server dedicati

Dedicated Servers

Discover our dedicated servers designed
specifically for your business.
Your data will always be
safe. Rely on high-end technologies
and hardware of certified quality

Icona Housing


Do you want to use your own proprietary
hardware, but you want to place it inside
our Data Center? Contact us and you will have
constant electricity, ideal
temperature and connectivity to a secure and stable network.

GPU Rental Services

Icona Cloud Computing GPU rental services

GPU Rental Services

Do you need high
computational power? Levita will rent you
as much as you need..
Everything served from our infrastructure,
Italian-based and run by qualified technical staff


Discover all the resources we can put at your disposal
  • Sys-ops Support

    We can offer you the best support
    aimed at the design and optimization
    of networks and computer systems with specialized staff
    and state-of-the-art technologies.

    Find out more!


    Say goodbye to the old-fashioned stamping system
    for working attendance. Switch to our new attendance detection
    software! Using the best Cloud technology
    combined with quality hardware.

    Find out more!

    Development and BlockChain solutions

    We specialize in projects
    and software development related to the world of Blockchain,
    particularly to the food traceability branch
    and distributed storage.

    Find out more!

    IT Training

    With 20 years of experience in the ICT sector, we are
    a training center in computer science
    leader in Umbria. Consult our catalog courses
    and choose the one that suits you!

    Find out more!


Our experienced technical team is at your disposal
Apri un Ticket

Manage your support tickets through our efficient helpdesk

Chatta con noi

Contact us by live chat,
we are at your disposal

Assistenza personalizzata

Do you need help at your company? No problem!




Hosted Websites


Active Email Accounts


Millions of files on our Cloud



We're at your service. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

What information is needed for the transfer of a domain?

Before starting the transfer process
of your domain, verifica di essere in possesso
del codice di autorizzazione e che sia stata effettuata
the removal of the block against involuntary transfers.

What happens to the domains not renewed by the deadline?

If the domain renewal order is not
made and/or there is pending payment, the
domain name and the services connected to it
are temporarily suspended.



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We're at your service. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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