Check out our new App “ScanMyCard”, the new Levita branded project thanks to which you can create and share your business card with just a simple QR code.

Say goodbye to the old paper business card.
In addition, you'll cut costs and protect the environment.
Download the app and create your QR code.

Enter the necessary information and create your new and personalized business card in seconds.
You'll share your information with whoever you want simply by a QR code scan.

Want to add someone to your device's phonebook?
Scan his or her QR code and add them automatically to your address book.

Convenient: no waste of money. Do not print without reason!

Simplicity: without complex recordings or cumbersome and lengthy procedures

Ecofriendly: Protect the environment by minimizing paper usage

Privacy compliant: your data will remain safe, we won't treat them in any way

Sample Screen App ScanMycard

ScanMyCard: download the app!


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